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Voting Results!
Barclays Ring Public Blog

The results are in and our Cardmember vote has had a resounding response!


The first vote had you choose whether or not to change the foreign transaction fee from 1% to 0% while increasing the cash advance fee $1 to $3 per transaction. You can catch up on the details and the community’s perspective in the original blog article.


The vote was close with 52.2% of you deciding to decrease the foreign transaction fee from 1% to 0% and increase the cash advance fee from $1 to $3 per transaction.



The second vote asked whether or not we should keep the servicing calls in the United States. Here are the blog and community comments from last year’s discussion. The comments overwhelmingly favored the idea of keeping the calls stateside, despite the fact that moving calls offshore would lower operating costs by roughly $4 per active account, per year.


The results are in and 84.4%, an overwhelming majority of voting community members, stated they’d like to keep Barclaycard Ring calls routed to the U.S. based call center.  We hear you loud and clear on this one!



Next Steps:  Whenever certain of your credit card terms change, we are required to send you a notification, cleverly called a “Change in Terms” letter.  Since the fees associated with the first vote are going to be different than what you have now, we will have to send this letter at least 45 days before the change is implemented.  We are still working on the timing and will give you ahead up prior to mailing, but it looks like the timing will be around the fourth quarter of this year for the implementation of the change. And since your calls are already in the US, there is not change there.  


If you have any questions please let us know! And, thank you for voting! It’s exciting to be able to tailor the product based on the input of our cardmembers.


If you missed the original blog post introducing the vote, click here to get additional details.


Thank you again! Smiley Happy 

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