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Why are we calling this blog "Big Print"?

Because we want to shed some light on the small print you see in financial documents. By pulling back the curtain on how a credit card company really works, we can work together to be better.

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The State of Barclaycard Ring
Barclays Ring Public Blog

A snapshot of current card features…and possibilities for change.


We like visuals here at Barclaycard Ring. So, to represent where we are today with our product features, we developed the infographic below. We’re calling it State of the Ring. The purpose of our State of the Ring infographic is to provide a visual summary of all of the key elements you, as a Cardmember, can have input to change.


Currently, we’re talking a lot about the card design. In previous months we’ve discussed adding rewards and back in September, community members voted to change our late fee structure. Personally, I love seeing the discussions about the possibility of change and I think it’s terrific that we all have the opportunity to see our ideas become a reality!


There’s one topic we haven’t delved into: servicing. I know Jared is planning on writing a blog post on this feature soon. Currently, Barclaycard Ring cardmembers are serviced by our awesome team up in Wilton, Maine. I work frequently with this team to answer questions in the community, we travelled there last year to train the team about Barclaycard Ring’s features and I’m hoping we return (this summer!?) to hold another training session.


So, let us know what you think? Are we missing any elements you wish you could change? Is there a key section that you feel passionate about? As always, we’re looking forward to your comments. To download the infographic, click on the attachment.



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