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Saving Money on Online Purchases
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The Best Tips, Tricks for Saving Money on Online Purchases


Shopping online has never been more convenient. It's fast, easy and frequently offers even better deals than what you might find in a brick and mortar store. Whether you're a digital shopping pro — or e-commerce averse — here's a guide to some of the best tips and tricks for saving money while shopping online.


Sign Up for Emails

Many e-commerce sites have initial discounts for signing up for their email newsletters—ranging from home stores like Crate & Barrel (15 percent off) to bigger department stores like Macy's (25 percent off).


A lot of these e-tailers will have pop-ups on their sites, prompting you to register for e-blasts for a one-time discount. But it also can pay to do an online search to track which sites offer these kinds of discounts. Signing up for various retailer's email blasts means you'll also be the first to know about sales and receive coupons directly via email.



Install Honey

You could search for different coupon codes every time you make a purchase online and try all the different options until one of them works, or you could install Honey, a browser extension that does the work for you.


Simply download Honey and click the icon at every online checkout (whether it's Target, H&M or another popular retailer). The app will automatically review all known coupon codes out there to identify the best price.



Look for Cash Back, Rewards Programs

Before buying anything online, check to see if the website has a rewards program that may allow for future discounts or free stuff. For example, Sephora's rewards program features free beauty products and gift cards, while DSW and Ulta Beauty each offers rewards programs that allow customers to redeem cash back.


There are also third-party cash back programs, like Ebates. By signing up with the service, you can get up to 40 percent cash back from over 2,500 retail partners.



Sign Up for Online Alerts

By signing up for online alerts on products you're interested in but not ready to purchase, you'll be the first to know when prices drop. It's as easy as using Google Alerts or specific sites such as Lyst (which mostly focuses on apparel, shoes and accessories) — doing so will mean you get price drop alerts on favorite items sent directly to your email.



Compare Prices

Have something specific you want to buy? It's easy to compare prices and get the best deal online. Websites like ShopStyle and Lyst will help sort fashion items at a range of retailers, and it's easy to search by price.


You'll often see the same item for many different prices at different e-commerce websites. However, you can also use the Google Shopping feature to comparison shop for basically anything you want to purchase.



Use Gift Cards

Using a gift card can be a money-saving hack if done right. Raise is an online platform that sells gift cards for less than their value. Discounts can range up to 75 percent off the card's original value — so it's definitely worth checking out Raise before buying something online, if you're still not happy with the price.



Consider Resale Sites

One of the best things about shopping online is the easy access to resale sites that sell thousands of items. The RealReal is one of the most popular e-commerce sites for luxury fashion at bargain prices, but Poshmark and Depop — both apps for mobile phones — are also great options for buying used clothing, home items, furniture and books.




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