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New Control Your Card Features!
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New Control Your Card Features!


Many of you have been asking for the ability to freeze, your card account – to be able to turn it on or off, and have greater control over authorized users.


So you’ll be happy to meet our new SecurHold™ feature.



SecurHold™ lets you instantly secure your accounts by locking your cards. Plus, with our additional Control Your Card features, you can set transaction limits and block certain purchase categories for your authorized users, or even yourself.


And seriously, just imagine the possibilities for adding authorized users to your Barclaycard Ring Mastercard®. Add a family member, a daughter or son for example, and take control of how much they can spend on each transaction, and where they can or cannot spend by category. 1


You can even get an alert for every transaction, or receive notifications for declined transactions. It’s a terrific way to stay on top of your authorized users.



SecurHold™. Available only on the Barclays mobile app. Click here to get the Barclays mobile app for iPhone or Android!








1: Primary cardmember is financially responsible for all authorized user purchases and transactions. In addition, we may provide account information to the credit bureaus for all account users, which could impact an authorized user’s credit score.





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