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New Balance Transfer Capabilities on Cardmember Servicing Site
Barclays Ring Public Blog

If you’ve been transferring money to pay off another loan or getting some extra cash into your checking account, you may have noticed a few changes to the balance transfer capabilities on the Barclaycard cardmember servicing site.


There were two major changes aside from a redesign that makes how you navigate the options a little more user friendly.


  1. Multiple BTs in the same step. Previously if you wanted to transfer balances from multiple accounts you had to go through the entire process for each individual transfer, making the experience rather cumbersome. Now you can process up to 3 balance transfers while going through the process once.
  2. Online ACH Transfers. You can use the available credit on your Barclaycard Ring account to complete a Balance Transfer to your checking account online. We carefully monitor fraud and credit risk, therefore this ACH transfer capability may not be available to all cardmembers. Also, you can only complete one ACH transfer within a 30 day period.

We hope these changes to the site make your banking life a little more convenient with Barclaycard.

To view this new capability, go to your Account Settings page on and click into the Balance transfers offers > Select this offer. (Below is an image of the link). Let us know what you think!



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