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Binky Overload
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binky3.jpgWhen I was growing up I think they were called Pacifiers. Somewhere between then and when I started raising kids, the popular name became Binky. I’m speaking of those rubber “thumbs” that babies like to suck on. I’ve got a one-year old so my house is covered with these things. There are 3 in the crib so he can always find one if he wakes up. There are 3 next to the sink in the queue to be washed. I trip over one everyday trying to get around the house. And of course, when I need one, I can’t find one. So we go out and get a few more. “It’s binky overload,” I was thinking the other day. “I can’t believe my house is run by binkies.”


Binkies are a great example of our human need to be comforted and to provide comfort to those we love. They provide comfort to my son, so we make sure he has them often. That in turn, provides us comfort. And since they are all over my house, their soothing effect is readily available.


This innate desire to find easy comfort has its downsides though. For example, comfort can leads us to avoid things that are difficult. A very real example is our tendency to avoid personal finances. Our desire  to stay in our “comfort zone” directly conflicts with our need to keep a tight budget. The perception of putting controls in our life can be uncomfortable. And, let’s face it, making yourself comfortable isn’t cheap. Part of the issue is lack of awareness. There is little practical education for  everyday budgeting techniques. No one makes you save for car repairs or emergency plumber visits. No, we’re buying binkies in bulk and ordering dinners and movies. It’s far too easy to obtain what is right for us right now and avoid the ramifications, well, for as long as possible. I’m guilty. We’re all guilty to some extent.


In my opinion, we have to train ourselves to be conscious of these weaknesses. When you find out how things work you immediately become more comfortable with them. The best way is to dive in and educate yourself. So grab something that makes you comfortable, your morning coffee, your cell phone, a binky and learn about something you’ve wanted to avoid.

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