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Well, I have to say it was a ho-hum-not-so-great month in the land of Barclaycard Ring financials. Some of our old dinosaur problems reared their ugly heads. Let’s take a look!

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NEW Barclaycard Ring Card Designs!

We are approaching the time when a newly designed Barclaycard Ring plastic will be put into the world. But before I talk about the future, let me give you an up... Read more

Revenues up, costs down and Giveback™ positive! I know, it’s about time! June was a solid month with a few things to highlight in my 3 thoughts.

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Change in Terms

Back in February, Barclaycard Ring card members voted on their cash advance and foreign transaction fees. BY the narrowest of margins the community voted to change the Foreign Transaction Fee... Read more

We’re happy to share Barclaycard Ring’s 2013-2014 Annual Report with you. This Annual Report is another effort to show transparency and information in a simple manner. Take a look!

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Barclaycard Ring profits doubled in May compared to April, but that improvement was still not enough to get the returns ( profit divided by balances) over 3%, which is where Giveback™ kicks i... Read more

You don’t have to be a multi-billionaire to start a relationship with a financial advisor; it makes good financial sense for anyone with plans for their future to sit down with a pro, though it doe... Read more