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The results are in and we are thrilled to announce that the Wounded Warrior Project® was selected by over 45% of the Barclaycard Ring cardmembers who voted. Congratulations to Read more

Three YEARS of Barclaycard Ring financial stats are in the books! And the better news is that the community profits in March were strong again, and there is a positive Giveback pool for the first t... Read more

We’re preparing for our 6th Giveback allocation for the period ending 3/30/2015 and things are looking good! So, we wanted to let community members submit their charity partner ideas aga... Read more

A big month in the land of Barclaycard Ring profitability! The month of February, which I’ll review below, combined with our NEW Giveback calculation puts active cardmembers within striking d... Read more

No matter which projection of the Prime Rate you look at, the consensus says that the Prime Rate will start to do something in 2015 that hasn’t happened in more than 6 years -- Read more