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In November of last year we let Barclaycard Ring cardmembers in on the fact that we were about to test a 0% introductory APR offer in the mail. The introductory period was for 12 months with ... Read more

Annual Summary Statement

As we all start preparation for Tax Season, have you taken a minute to view your Barclaycard Ring Annual Summary statement? It’s a nifty tool we’ve developed to help you breakdown and analyze... Read more

Barclaycard Ring finished the year on a great note, breaking a record for profits and reaching more than $120M in balances. Here are my three thoughts when digging into the numbers. Read more

NBC Today Show interviewed Sharon Epperson, CNBC's Senior Personal Finance correspondant, in their Digging Out of Debt series. Sharon stated in her Read more

Hello everyone,

We are excited to share the voting results for the next Barclaycard Ring card design.  First of all, I thank you for taking the time to vote and sharing your thoughts on... Read more

If you’ve been transferring money to pay off another loan or getting some extra cash into your checking account, you may have noticed a few changes to the balance transfer capabilities on the... Read more

A quick look back: 3rd Giveback Allocation Review:
The 3rd Giveback Allocation Charity winner (by community vote) was the Be... Read more

All things are supposed to be positive as you kick off a New Year, right? Everyone is feeling good about the year prior and looking forward to improvements in the next year. So it feels a lit... Read more

Barclaycard Ring Retirement Analysis Series

A member of the Barclaycard Ring Community, Patti,  answered the following questions.  After that, Megan Poore Read more

We begin the 6th Giveback™ period with the same unfortunate story. Despite earning a community profit of $108K in October, the unpaid balances are too high for Barclay... Read more