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Why are we calling this blog "Big Print"?

Because we want to shed some light on the small print you see in financial documents. By pulling back the curtain on how a credit card company really works, we can work together to be better.

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SavvyMoney.pngWe have had some great articles written about Barclaycard Ring over the past two weeks. I thought I’d summarize some terrific blog posts and articles on industry-specific websites.


Credit cards getting customers more involved

Posted by Jean Chatzky on


Posted by Steve Cocheo in Social Media Banks New Frontier


Barclaycard: First Crowd-Sourced Credit Card Driven by Online Community of Cardholders

Posted on

Barclaycard Ring MasterCard Sets Its Features Through Crowdsourcing
Posted by Luke Landes (aka Flexo) on


Review: Barclaycard Ring Card Brings Crowdsourcing to the Credit Card Industry
Posted on Credit Karma


Barclays wants to use you
Posted on Finance Addict


A Profit Sharing Credit Card with a Social Media Twist
Posted by Denise Richardson on Give Me Back My Credit!


Barclaycard Ring: Are you smarter than a credit card executive?

Posted by by Peter Andrew on IndexCreditCards


Barclaycard Ring MasterCard: The First “Social” Credit Card
Posted by Laura Edgar

Barclaycard Ring MasterCard Review
Posted by Colin Robertson on The Truth About Credit Cards


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