What we've done so far

Amazing new tool!
We're thrilled to announce that you will now know where you stand with...
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Credit Fitness Review
We excited to launch the Credit Fitness Review series and have partner...
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Mobile Website Enhancements
We’re thrilled to announce the recent launch of the mobile optimized v...
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Very Popular Blog Series!
Our Financial Planter Series blog post "How to establish credit" receives many kudos in the community!
First Annual Report
Barclaycard Ring’s first Annual Report is another effort to show trans...
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1st Palladium Community Member
O6 was the first community member to achieve the highest rank in the c...
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Financial Planter Series Begins
Focusing on the financial life cycle, the Barclaycard Ring Financial P...
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Winner of Best Social Marketing Program
Barclaycard Ring won the Lithium award for Best Social Marketing Program.
One Year Anniversary!
Barclaycard Ring celebrates its One Year Anniversary and commemorates ...
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Community & Card Design
Community members made quite a few requests for new plastics options; ...
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Rewards Program Discussed
The community members loved the idea of adding a rewards component to ...
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New Community Video
Barclaycard Ring has created a new “How To” video that provides a grea...